Amazing thanks Mike it looks terrific!! Thanks for all of your hard work and fast turn around.

Senior Producer - Production Company 08-06-19 [Event designs/Renders]

Thank you for you patience with all the changes and not shooting the middle man!

You’ve been amazing.

MD - Experiential Production Company 17-05-19 [Experiential designs/Renders]

Wow Mike, more than impressed these are amazing and exactly what’s needed for us to get sign off from client and promoter! Thank you.

MD - Production Company 01-05-19 [Experiential designs/Renders]

Thank you so much for all you’ve done. As you know, it’s always difficult working by/for yourself. For me it’s trying to keep up with the big events boys, so I really appreciate your translation of what’s in my head and the quality of your work.

Freelance Producer 15-04-19 [Event designs/Renders]


You are a STAR!!! Look fab fab fab thank you!!!

Producer - Production Company 12-04-19 [Event designs/Renders]

Amazing – thanks Mike!

Production Designer  - Production Company 08-03-19 [Venue build - entire building]


Thanks so much! Look wonderful

Account Dir - Production Company 22-02-19 [Staff Day Designs/Render]


These are great Mike... Really impressed with both the quality and turnaround time. 

AD - AV Production Company 21-02-19 [Conference Pitch Designs/Render]


PERFECT. Thanks..

MD - Production Company 12-02-19 [Conference Pitch Designs/Render/Flythrough]


Amazing. Thanks, Mike

MD - Exhibition Construction 03-02-19 [USA booth designs]


I think it’s looking f*cking amazing, especially in the time too!!

MD - Design Construction Company 28-0-19 [Conference Pitch Designs]


God, you are good Mike, I would say this has nailed it.

MD - AV Production Company 29-01-19 [Installation Renders]


Good news is we have got to the next stage of the pitch and head into pitch live in a few weeks!

Producer - Production Company 21-01-19 [Pitch Development]


Thank you, Mike. Also, I meant what I said, it’s all too easy to say ‘wow, that’s amazing’ but I honestly think you are incredibly skilled at what you do and I sincerely appreciate your work.

MD - AV Production Company19-12-18 [Various 3D designs & renders]


Got them thanks mike - amazing work ..

... just a quick to say thanks so much for the hard work and time you have put into these renders.

Very pleased to have had you on board and love the speed at which you have multi-tasked your way through this project

..I'll second that - very impressive!

Pitch Team - Production Company 13-12-18 [Automotive Euro Tour design & renders]


Thanks again for the visuals, they were spot on

Snr Creative - Production Company 12-12-2018 [Event design & renders]


Thank you so much Mike!

It looks amazing. WE are thrilled.

MD - Production Company 23-11-2018 [Event design & renders]


I can strongly recommend Mike, who we have known for many years - he is a gifted designer who has grown out of event production management with an eye for detail, and a wizard at providing client visuals so you can see what you will get but at the same time thinking about and providing construction detail that we can build. ...Mike's pricing structure is also very fair and he is very customer-orientated.

MD, 18-09-2018 


Mr Bell Just seen the Renders.....very very nice!! Good work fella! Carry on!

MD, 18-10-2018 [Event design & renders]


Thanks Mike. Look ace ....These are bang on.. Firing over to the client now

CD, 17-10-18 [Event Designs]


Love the fire..!

THANKS for the PDQ turnaround

MD, 12-10-2018 [Event design & renders]


Brilliant!! Thanks Mike

PM, 27-09-2018 [Experiential working drawings]


These look GREAT thanks Mike

AD, 17-09-2018 [Sports Installation]


Good news Mike,  We won [THE PITCH]

MD, 12-09-2018 [Marketing Installation]


Thanks so much for sharing and your wonderful skill as always. It’s great..

Producer, 29-08-2018 [Fashion Show Design]


Mike these are wonderful.

Thank you for staying up to get them done for me. 

Senior Producer, 02-08-2018 [Conference & Awards Design]


We won the gig without a formal pitch!

Thank you for the fast renders as always! Really helped.

MD, London, 27-07-2-2018 [Conference Designs]


This is Perfect, Thanks Mike..
MD, Cannes, 02-04-2018 [Bar Designs]

Thanks Mike.  These are great and just what we need.
PM, London, 28-03-2018 [Audio Installation Visuals]

MD, London, 26-03-2018 [Exhibition Designs]

Thanks Mike!  Great ideas! This looks pretty cool!
PM, London, 19-03-2018 [Exhibition Designs]

Fucking amazing Mike!!!
MD, London, 03-03-2018 [Automotive Exhibition Designs]

Mike it is a thing of beauty! .. Seriously impressed - these look lovely!
CEO, London, 15-02-2018 [Conference Designs]

These are fantastic!
MD, London, 03-01-2018 [Conference Designs]

Thank you
Producer, London, 02-01-2018 [IT Conference Designs]

VERY sexy! Thanks Mike great job
Producer, London, 02-01-2018 [Car launch]